Battrix Floating Continent Wiki

A skill can be added to a weapon for a total of 8 times. Every time a skill is added onto a weapon, it will also gain a small damage bonus (around 1-4 depending on the weapon).

Types of Skills[]

There are a total of 16 different types of skills for a weapon. A weapon is limited to only 1 attribute skill, 2 attack radius skills,  and 1 rage skill

Name Effect Catagory Blacksmith?
Attack Power Up (S) +16.5% to overall attack power General Yes
Lower Weight (S) -9% to overall weight General
Critical Rate Up (S) Slightly increases rate of scoring critical hits General
Delay Up (S) Slows enemy movement down based on amount of damage dealt General
Attack Radius Up + attack radius and increases damage on some of the blocks Attack Radius Yes
Fire Attribute + damage to water-type enemies and animals Attribute Yes
Water Attribute + damage to fire and hot enemies Attribute Yes
Dark Attribute + damage to shining enemies and plants Attribute Yes
Light Attribute + damage to evil and cave-dwelling enemies Attribute Yes
Attack Power Up (L) +25% to overall attack power General
Lower Weight (L) -13.5% to overall weapon weight General Yes
Critical Rate Up (L) Greatly increases the rate of scoring critical hits General
Delay Up (L) Greatly slows enemy movement based on amount of damage delt General Yes
Attack Power Up (XS) + very little attack power (NOT WORTH IT) General Yes
Lightning Attribute + damage to metal and marine enemies Attribute Yes
Rage + attack power based on damage recived in combat Rage Yes

Cost to add Skills[]

The cost for adding skills is calculated by the following formula

Cost = (Blacksmith Type cost) x (Cost depending on which # of skill this is) x (Value of Weapon)

Item Level costs follow the following trend

# of the skill being added Cost multiplier
1st 0.1
2nd 0.2
3rd 0.4
4th 0.7
5th 1.1
6th 1.4
7th 1.55
8th 1.65

For example, say you have a Wooden Hambard that's valued at 80 gold. Using the Spendthrift Smith (1.0x cost), the cost for adding a random 1st skill to the Wooden Hambard is only 8 gold. With the same Wooden Hambard, now you're trying to add a Lower Weight (L) by using the Dainty Smith (7.0x cost) as the 8th and final skill. The total cost for adding this skill would be (7.0) x (80) x (1.65) = 924 gold

How Rage is Calculated[]

Rage increases the overall damage regardless of the redness of a square (similar to power lock). The amount of damage increased is independent of the weapon's attack power (also similar to power lock). Rage damage increase follows this pattern:

Damage Taken Damage Increase
15 +2
22 +4
28 +5
36 +10
40 +16
44 +17
48 +26
49 +32
55 +45
56 +45
65 +53
66 +54
95 +74

It's impossible to take more than 49 damage and survive, so the maximum bonus damage increase that you can obtain from Rage is 32. 

Since a lot of the weapon's redness square multiplier is around 0.4-0.6, averaging around 0.5, the rage skill can give you the equivalent from anywhere between +32 to +64 attack. Also, because the rage skill is independent of the redness of the square, weapons with a large attack radius will benefit more.

Rage is pretty useful in the beginning of the game when you need a bit more attack to defeat a boss. But stronger weapons in the later part of the game will actually benefit more from a Attack Bonus Up (S) than a Rage skill. 

td;dr It's okay to use this skill on an early weapon (wooden sword or mace etc) but it's not a great skill overall. 


  • It's generally smarter to add the more expensive skills onto a weapon first. Due to multiplicative effects, the longer you wait to add an expensive skill, the more expensive the cost will be. Say you have a Halberd (value: 1200). Adding a fire attribute as the 1st skill using the Blackened Smith will cost 600 gold. Using the Blackened Smith as the 8th skill will cost 9900 gold. 
  • The total cost of upgrading a weapon with a single element as skill 1, 2 range upgrades as skill 2 and 3, and Attack Power Up(S) as 4-8 will cost 11.9(Value of Weapon). This is one of the best ways to have a strong weapon on a budget