Floating Isle Tower

The Floating Isle Tower is a series of dungeons the player can take part in to obtain very powerful items. It costs 1 diamond to go for a single run. A diamond can be obtained from combining 3 diamond shards at the synthesizer, and each diamond shard can be found in random dungeons or bought for 5000 gold. So a single run in the Floating Isle Tower costs around 15000 gold. 

After Completing a FloorEdit

After finishing a floor, a player has 4 options to choose from

  • To next isle - Advances to the next floor. You will not obtain the reward granted for finishing the current floor
  • Backpack - Switch equipents/use items
  • Cannon Lunch - Sends a lunch to fully heal the player. The cost is = 500(floor level)
  • Retire - Leave the Floating Isle Tower and obtain your prize


Floating Isle 1Edit


Prize: Battle Axe

Floating Isle 2Edit


Prize: Cursed Ring

Floating Isle 3Edit


Prize: Prediction Lens

Floating Isle 4Edit


Prize:Battle Pick

Floating Isle 5Edit


Prize: Large Shuriken

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