Battrix Floating Continent Wiki

Blacksmiths are areas on the map where you can upgrade your weapons. You'll need both gold and experience (or jewels if you don't have enough experience) to upgrade a weapon. 

Types of Blacksmiths[]

The first blacksmith you come across is the Spendthrift Smith. For cost calulation purposes, his cost will be used as the base price. You'll come across other blacksmiths on your journey. These blacksmiths will have the ability to add on a specific ability to your weapon at a higher cost.

Name Effect Cost Location
Spendthrift Smith Random Ability 1.0x Around Frumberling Field and Snapgrass Field
Jumbo Smith Attack Radius Up 3.0x Surrounded by Madram Mountain
Blackened Smith Fire Attribute 5.0x Nearby Pyro Peak Mts. and Rough Trail
Dainty Smith Lower Weight (L) 7.0x Go through Luna Desert to reach Luna Lake, found at end of grassy area
Whitesmith Light Attribute 5.0x Found in Wherewither Woods
Musclebound Smith Attack Power Up (S) 1.5x Nearby Knightonia and next to Ruffian's Prarie
Bargain Smith Attack Power Up (XS) 0.1x In the Gustengale Snowfields 2 squares west then 1 square north of the Run-Down Bridge
Smashfist Smith Delay Up (L) 3.0x
Soaking Smith Water Attribute 5.0x Above the Rough Trail
Shocking Smith Lightning Attribute 0.5x
Raging Smith Rage 1.5x In Mount Anghur
The Synthesizer Combines Weapons 0.0x In the middle of Jellyfish Dunes, Pyro Peak, and Interview Dunes
Shadow Smith Dark Attribute 5.0x After going through Mucklebog Marshes, and defeating Waypoint Woods